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Summer Plastic Surgery Season Heating Up

Posted June 01, 2021 in News & Events

In New Orleans, plastic surgeons like Michele M. Cooper, M.D. are noticing an increased desire for procedures such as liposuction and breast augmentation as people begin thinking about improving their body shape and contour for the summer.

Mandeville, Louisiana (June 2011) – For many New Orleans plastic surgeons, the upcoming summer months signal an upsurge in the number of body shaping cosmetic surgery procedures, according to board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Michele M. Cooper ( She reports an increase in popularity for procedures like liposuction in New Orleans at her plastic surgery practice.

“Many of my patients have been exercising and following a healthy diet in order to prepare for the warmer summer months,” Dr. Cooper says. “But they still have certain problem areas that just don’t seem to improve– such as ‘love handles’ or ‘saddle bags’. Plastic surgery procedures such as liposuction or a tummy tuck are often chosen to correct those minor imperfections and give them the body they have worked so hard to attain.”

Dr. Cooper offers a sophisticated type of liposuction known as “laser liposuction” or Smartlipo™ technology. This treatment involves the use of a laser fiber under the surface of the skin that delivers energy directly to the fat cells, causing them to liquefy. Unlike traditional liposuction, which requires that the surgeon manually break up fat cells by forcefully moving the suction tube in a back and forth motion, laser liposuction allows for easier fat removal with much less trauma to body. Additionally, it can be used on areas that are typically more difficult to treat– such as the legs and arms.

“Laser liposuction is a great option for someone who wants a shorter recovery time,” Dr. Cooper says. “Because there is less damage to the surrounding tissues, my patients experience less bruising and bleeding – allowing them to enjoy their results sooner.”

But Dr. Cooper notes that not all of her patients are looking to minimize their assets. She mentions that many of her female patients hoping to emphasize their curves are opting for procedures such as breast augmentation in New Orleans.

“Women often choose breast augmentation during this time of year to feel more confident in warmer-weather clothing, such as tank tops and swim suits,” Dr. Cooper states. “Summer is a time when people head outdoors and wear more revealing clothing. Feeling good about how you look provides a sense of freedom; and during summer, people want to feel carefree and have fun.”

As a well-established plastic surgeon, Dr. Cooper treats many men and women at her practice serving New Orleans. In addition to procedures for the breast and body, she also performs facial cosmetic surgery such as a short-scar face lift, eyelid surgery, and brow lift. For facial rejuvenation without surgery, Dr. Cooper offers popular medical spa services like BOTOX®, Restylane®, Sculptra® and chemical peels.

Dr. Cooper is a board-certified plastic surgeon who offers surgical and nonsurgical procedures for the face breast and body. Request your consultation or call her office at (985) 626-6163 to schedule an appointment.