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What Patients Are Saying

Here are some of the many patient testimonials that can help you understand what makes Dr. Cooper stands out from other New Orleans cosmetic plastic surgeons.


I recently completed my 4th treatment on my abdomen with the Exilis laser. I found the experience to be comfortable and non-invasive while producing great results. I went down a pant size and have noticed a significant loss of fat tissue. Dr. Cooper and her staff are fabulous and explain the process to you in detail while providing realistic expectations.


“…I love Dr. Cooper…”

For many years I pondered the idea of breast augmentation but always talked myself out of it over and over again. I was so scared that I would regret it or feel like it would be a mistake, but the only mistake was that I didn’t get it done sooner. It really has changed my life. It really has boosted my confidence level, enhanced my self-esteem, and made me feel more feminine than ever. Shopping for clothes, especially swimwear is actually fun now. I couldn’t be more satisfied with my results. I love Dr. Cooper and her staff, they are the best!!!

Mid body shot of a slim woman with a large chest in white undergarments

“…She was there for me every step of the way…”

When I went to Dr. Cooper, I was very nervous and afraid. I mean elective surgery is a big step. Not only did she make me feel at ease, I felt she was sincere. She didn’t make me feel as though I really needed the surgery. If anything, I walked out of there with more self confidence and that was before I actually had the surgery. She was there for me every step of the way, before and after. I have received so many compliments from the work she did. I have and will continue to recommend her to everyone.

“…I recommend her to anyone who asks…”

From the moment you walk into the waiting room you know this is like no other doctor visit. The staff is friendly, and kind, answering all questions without hesitation. Dr. Cooper’s professionalism and sincerity when going over procedure options is unprecedented. I was allowed to ask questions and get answers. Because I have an extensive surgical history due to cancer as a teenager I had some concerns about having trouble with my implants in the future. Dr. Cooper researched my case and we both agreed I was at no additional risk. I also like that Dr. Cooper had a clear understanding of the look I wanted to achieve and did not encourage me to go any larger than what I wanted. I recommend her to anyone who asks, and compliment her on her staff of professionals.


My personality is not the type to do something so extravagant for myself; my giving is always for my family. With that being said, the results of my breast enhancement surgery were a tremendous surge in my self esteem. Even though my husband never said a negative word about my breasts, I always felt insecure during intimacy. My results have revived me in a way I did not think possible. My experience with Dr. Cooper and her staff was fantastic, and I have already recommended her to two of my friends, one has already had her surgery, and loves her results.

“…Very comforting…”

I have been loving my new look ever since my surgery about 4 years ago. I enjoyed meeting Dr. Cooper and found her very comforting. She was able to give me the natural look I was going for! I’m looking forward to my next surgery in a few years!

“After searching for several months for the right surgeon, I found Dr. Cooper…”

After searching for several months for the right surgeon, I found Dr. Cooper. From the moment I met her and her staff, I knew I had made the right decision. Dr. Cooper walked me through each step, before and after surgery. After talking to several other women who have had the same surgery, I soon realized just how great of a job Dr. Cooper did.

During an appointment with my gynecologist, about four months after surgery, she praised Dr. Cooper’s work. For any future cosmetic needs, I will choose Dr. Cooper.

A woman with slim arms and large chest tying her hair back

“…I’m looking forward to my next surgery…”

I have been loving my new look ever since my surgery about 4 years ago. I enjoyed meeting Dr. Cooper and found her very comforting. She was able to give me the natural look I was going for! I’m looking forward to my next surgery in a few years!

“…Extremely thrilled…”

I have been visiting Dr Cooper approximately every six to eight months for Botox injections and the Obagi skin care regime. Each time, extremely thrilled with both results.

“…Meticulous in every detail…”

Dr. Cooper and her staff are meticulous in every detail both medically and aesthetically. Most impeccable taste is also displayed throughout her Mandeville office building, adorned with marvelous furnishings and gallery art work.

A woman with slim arms and large chest tying her hair back

“Dr. Cooper truly cares about you…”

I have had three procedures with Dr. Cooper and absolutely love the results. Dr. Cooper truly cares about you as a person; she is extremely professional. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a life change.

“…Dr. Cooper will definitely be my choice…”

I consulted with several cosmetic surgeons before I found Dr. Cooper. Once meeting with Dr. Cooper and her staff I knew I didn’t need to look any further. Dr. Cooper was very considerate and informative. My surgery went great. I couldn’t have asked for better results. If I consider cosmetic surgery in the future Dr. Cooper will definitely be my choice.

“…an artist at her work.”

I found Dr. Cooper and her staff both professional and caring. Dr. Cooper is truly an artist at her work. Very happy with natural looking results.

“…I had a tummy tuck, and loved it.”

I had a wonderful experience through my surgeries. I am a stay home mom and loved to work out at the gym, however as much as I would work out I could never get my stomach flat. My stomach muscles were torn from having three children. One day I was speaking with my neighbor and she had recommended Dr. Cooper, she had used her in the past and she loved her work.

After talking it over with my husband I decided to go for a consultation and I knew after that first visit that there was hope for my body. At my first visit I was ready to have the work done, but the one thing that I love about Dr. Cooper is that she is looking out for what is best for you and NOT HOW MUCH MONEY SHE CAN MAKE! So my first surgery I had a tummy tuck, and loved it.

After having my tummy tuck I felt so much better about myself, you see it was never about what other people had thought it was how I felt about myself and all of my hard work at the gym. Seeing a big change in me, my best friend went and had a tummy tuck. She also had a great experience with her surgery!

The bottom line is that when you decide to have a surgery you need to do it for yourself and make sure you have a great doctor!!! In my eyes Dr. Cooper is a GREAT DOCTOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“…Home like atmosphere.”

I highly recommend Dr. Cooper. She is a great Doctor who is also very personable and attentive to her patients. She has a wonderful and helpful staff. Her office is a very comfortable and home like atmosphere. I have sent my Mother and my Aunt to her also. They are now patients and love her too.

“…exceeded my expectations.”

My experience with Dr. Cooper and her staff far exceeded my expectations. I could not have been more pleased with the entire experience. From initial consult to my follow-up visits, I truly felt like I was their top priority. Dr. Cooper is an amazing, and I am absolutely thrilled with my results. I feel my surgery was a complete success, I still can’t believe this is me!! Thank you!

“I knew I was in good hands.”

My experience with Dr. Cooper and her staff was the most unique experience I’ve ever had with any doctor. I was able to reach her when I needed to. She was very patient and understanding with me as well as my husband who was my caregiver post surgery. I knew I was in good hands. Her office is such a relaxing atmosphere and her staff is just wonderful. I have and will continue to refer anyone considering any cosmetic procedure to Dr. Cooper.

“…My questions and concerns were handled in a professional manner…”

Dr. Cooper and her staff exceeded my expectations. All of my questions and concerns were handled in a professional manner. I am pleased with the results of my procedure and would highly recommend Dr. Cooper.

“The outcome was better than I thought…”

I first came to see Dr. Cooper back in February of 2007. From the very first day, Dr. Cooper made me feel extremely comfortable. She answered all my questions, concerns and gave me all the information needed to make my decision. I was a small B and ended up with a small D. Dr. Cooper help me decide on the right size for me with my type of body frame. She did an excellent job and the outcome was better than I thought. With the surgery, my self esteem has gone up. Overall the experience at Dr. Cooper’s office, along with the staff and the surgery went absolutely fantastic. I even recommended Dr. Cooper to my best friend who has currently gone for a consultation.

Black and white headshot of a woman caressing her chin

“…Stress free.”

My whole experience with Dr. Cooper, from the consultation to the weeks of follow up after surgery, was pleasant and stress free! Dr. Cooper and her staff were very informative, efficient and caring! I would certainly recommend Dr. Cooper and her staff to anyone who may be considering cosmetic surgery!

“I would highly recommend her to everyone!!”

I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Cooper! I would highly recommend her to everyone!! When I had an issue she was very quick to respond and correct that issue! She is very one on one and treats you like a person and not just another patient! I told her what I was looking for, she told me what I needed and my procedure came out perfect! I am very satisfied with my results! Thank you Dr. Cooper

“…Easy to communicate with and always available…”

Michele Cooper, MD and her staff were exceptionally helpful and receptive. My experience was wonderful. Michele and her staff were easy to communicate with and always available which gave me the comfort and confidence I needed to make decisions.

“…I feel so much better about myself…”

I would like to thank you and your staff for all of the work and generosity that yall have given me. Dr. Cooper when I came you to almost two years ago I was really looking for prices and I want to let you know that after leaving your office I knew that I wanted you to do my surgery. I appreciate that you took the time to sit down with me and listen to what I wanted to do and the concerns that I had and in return you explained everything that could happen and what was going to happen to get the results that both you wanted and I wanted. I want to let you know that I refer people to you all of the time and I know of two people who have come to you and love you and your staff so much and are completely satisfied with the work you have done for them. I feel so much better about myself now and I want to thank you for helping me be able to say that again. I wish you and your staff the best of luck and I will continue to send people your way!

“…I feel normal again…”

Dr. Cooper is a great physician and I am very pleased with my results. My ob-gyn did a breast exam and had to take a closer look to realize that I had a breast reduction. He asked who was my surgeon and said how fantastic of a job she did. I felt great it was a compliment for the both of us. I went into her office dying for my breast to be smaller by any means. I was tired of feeling so uncomfortable in my own skin. I didn’t care what the scarring would look like I just wanted smaller! Dr. Cooper made them smaller and my scars are virtually unnoticeable. It’s been 20 months since and still no sagging. I love the fact that I can wear swimsuits without a bra underneath for support. I feel normal again. Thanks Dr. Cooper!

“I am extremely pleased with the results…”

I am extremely pleased with the results of my surgery. After years of trying to get rid of the C-section bulge, I finally decided to take the necessary steps to have a flat stomach. I also decided to have breast augmentation. I fell great and more confident. I am very impressed with Dr. Coopers’ surgical skills. She also was completely accessible and available for questions or concerns before and after the procedure. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Cooper. In fact, one of my good friends was so impressed; she had a procedure with Dr. Cooper.

“…Thank you, Dr. Cooper!…”

After my surgery, follow-up visits at Dr. Cooper’s office were pleasant and always very professional. Her staff took time to make me feel comfortable and relaxed at each appointment. Any problem I thought I might have was quickly attended to medically or emotionally. What I was most impressed with was Dr. Cooper’s attention to every detail concerning MY surgery, also she called me personally to see how I was doing the day after my surgery. Thank you, Dr. Cooper!

A fit woman in black undergarmdents

“…I am a very satisfied patient.”

Can I start by saying that I am a very satisfied patient. I went in to speak to Dr Cooper after seeing the results of my daughter’ surgery. I went to Dr. Cooper’s office for an initial consultation and found her staff very friendly and very helpful. Dr. Cooper spent time with me and answered all my questions and even asked some of her own that I would not have thought of and helped me make the final decision for the type of surgery I was looking for. She gave me the pro’s and con’s and directed me to search the web and do research on my own before deciding. I am glad I made the decision that I did and found Dr. Cooper and her staff more than helpful before, during and after my surgery. I have recently had my first mammogram after having the breast augmentation done and the technician could not believe I had implants. She said as a professional she had seen many but that the doctor who had done mine did a remarkable job. I am now 51 & about 16 months post op and loving it