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As a plastic surgeon, I find it interesting that many of the incoming patient complaints stem from issues with hormone health. Men and women experience gradual changes in their hormones with age. Common symptoms of hormone imbalance include the following: reduced mental focus and memory, lack of energy, difficulty sleeping, decreased muscle strength, weight gain, joint pain, and reduced sexual desire and performance.

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For women, skin changes occur more dramatically leading up to menopause as estrogen helps keep the skin plumped and less wrinkled. Those changes are reflected in cosmetic consults, for example, liposuction for weight gain, eyelid surgery because the patient feels and looks tired, facelifts and arm lifts due to changes in the skin quality. The Biote® program offered in my Mandeville office uses bio-identical testosterone and estrogen pellets placed under the skin to gradually replace hormones over 4 to 6 months. 

Balanced hormones improve all of the problems listed above, but most importantly, they are beneficial to longevity and quality of life by improving bone, brain, and heart health while also increasing energy and libido, and improving deep sleep. I have been using Biote® personally for many years as part of my anti-aging and wellness program and decided my patients needed more than just a topical fix for their aging, so I added Biote® to the programs offered in the office. 

There is no question that hormone health is critically important to men and women in order to keep looking and feeling your best. Although there are other ways to replenish hormones like creams, patches, and injections, I have tried them all, and there is no question that using the pellet is the easiest and most effective of all of these methods. An additional benefit of pellets is that they have the lowest risk profile out of all the options above. If you want to find out more about Biote®, please call our office and come in for screening and lab work to determine if you are a candidate. The results may surprise you and change your life!

Headshot of a middle aged woman in glasses happily leaning over a coffee counter

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During your initial consultation in our Mandeville office, you can talk with Dr. Cooper about the changes you hope to achieve with hormone replacement, and lab work can either be drawn during your visit or you can elect to take your doctor’s request to a lab near you. Once your labs are returned to Dr. Cooper, she will review the results and review them with you. If treatment with Biote®, vitamins, and FDA-approved medications could be beneficial for you, she will review those options with you. Hormone health is a journey that will leave you asking yourself why you didn’t do this sooner. To request your consultation contact Dr. Cooper today.

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